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Individual counseling:

Private and confidential one-to-one meetings help you work toward goals that you and Dr. Hampton map out in the first sessions. Therapy provides self-awareness and self-confidence, and the skills to handle difficult relationships, stressors, or traumas.

Family therapy:

Families or couples may attend therapy to gain communication skills, get along better at home, or pursue effective co-parenting. Families come in many types, sizes and ages, and Dr. Hampton has worked with the full range from newly blended or married, to those in transition or high conflict, to helping through loss or divorce.

Group therapy:

Group therapy for children and teens is offered in 8-week series, which start several times a year. Social skills and coping behaviors are practiced in a safe group setting, using role playing, demonstrating verbal and non-verbal skills, handouts, and parents’ updates. Kids with adjustment struggles, bullying, social anxiety, ADHD, learning difficulties, and Asperger’s syndrome have benefited from these groups.

Psychological Testing / Evaluation:

Questions about underlying mental health are best answered with psychological evaluation, which includes a thorough history, and individualized standardized testing. Most evaluations provide a written report to the client or parents in a feedback session, discussing the results and recommended strategies to help with the diagnoses.

Consultation services:

Dr. Hampton also provides consultation and speaking services to parents, schools, and community groups, on a range of topics related to her specialties, based on over 15 years of experience. Please contact Dr. Hampton with questions about consultation requests.